Photo Competition

Classes and results

Soraya’s Comments

Oooh, another difficult class

First place went to Colin Coates Chester, a 13 year old Household Pet. I thought Chester's expression was great - its not every cat that would let you wrap them up in tinsel like that, not only that but he looks quite happy about the whole situation

Second place went to Anne Marie Troy’s Sabih, an 11 year old Seal Point Tabby. I thought they looked very regal in their hat and scarf and were totally rocking the whole Christmas vibe

Third place went to Clare Whitby’s Egg, 4 year old red Balinese. This picture summed up most cat's Christmas activities - removing the baubles from the Christmas tree

I also adored the following:Flora a four year old tortie and white Household Pet - I think her expression is a classic. To me she's looking at the camera and saying "There, I'm wearing it, are you satisfied now?"  Poppy, a 3 year old Chocolate point. Poppy's expression would melt any heart - just so adorable  Erik, a 1 year old Main Coon. Erik is looking straight into the camera just daring people not to like his outfit...and finally if dogs can't get into the picture at Christmas, when can they? So I also loved Loxley with his Christmas doggy steed