Photo Competition

Classes and results

Soraya’s Comments

This was another large class - eek! It was bad enough having to chose between all those Siamese - but now I was being asked to judge kittens. Kittens! This is a whole new form of torture. Not only did I want every single one, but now I was being asked to judge them – arghhhhhh!

In first place I had to put Ann Marie Troy’s Sharif, a 20 week old Chocolate Siamese. To me this picture was every Siamese kitten I'd ever met and I wanted to scoop him up and take him away in my pocket

Second place went to the fluffiest kitten in the class – Carol Walker’s Cookie, a 4 month old Selkirk Rex. Whats not to like in this photo? Such a smiley individual, soaking up the sun. I defy you to look at this picture and not smile even a little bit. Cute with a capital C

Third place - oooh this was a hard one. It was a close run thing, but I went for the extremely smart kitten about town Carol Walker’s Spud, a three month old Domestic Shorthair. I loved his very white little paws and confident expression as he strutted along master of all he surveyed.

Others that caught my eye (oh, so many) were Elvis a six week old Havana. A beautiful kitten and I adored his pose for the camera Voltaire a three month old chocolate ticked tabby - He has the most amazing ears and feet - I think he's going to be a very big lad Ella, a 6 month old tortie Domestic shorthair. A very pretty girlie who is sitting perfectly at ease with her toes hanging over the edge of the table