Photo Competition

Classes and results

Harry's comments

1st Carol Walker’s Holly Black & White SLH standing out well against the background, her long fur and extra-long whiskers captured perfectly.
2nd Linda Hutchinson’s Biscuit Ginger & White SH looking to be at his ease in a show pen, alert and with the correct slightly disdainful expression of a cat regarding his human minion.
3rd Karen Burke’s Della & Caspar (not to mention the shark). Butter wouldn't melt… at least for the moment.

Close runners up Zinnia very well posed, just spoilt a little by her very startled expression, Gabriel doing what a cat does best, even if prepared to open an eye just a little for the occasion, Papagena waiting patiently for the microwave, Arabella alert and looking prepared to pounce, Fire relaxed and looking good for 14