Photo Competition

Classes and results

Harry’s comments

In a photograph of a cat, I generally want to see the whole cat in proportion, so where only part of the body is visible or the pose is such that the head dominates or obscures much of the body, the photograph doesn't have much of a chance with me. Sorry.

1st Leah Kovacs’ Izzy. Just beautiful, cat and photograph both.
2nd Clare Whitby’s Egg. Red Bali looking very regal. Cheating a little, because his tail is exaggerated by closeness to the camera.
3rd Carol Walker’s Cracker. Selkirk Rex. There's just something in the expression of this cat which makes it appealing.

Close runner up Poppy (and dog) - well posed, just spoilt a little by the strong side-lighting.Also attractive Buttons and Storm, but I want to see more of their bodies.