Photo Competition

Classes and results

Soraya’s Comments

Although this was a smaller class it was still very difficult as all the rescues are winners, posing in their adopted parents homes.

First place went to Richard Flatau’s Amos, the Seal Point sitting on the nice warm Sky box. Sitting there with the ornaments he almost looks like an ornament himself and is certainly a work of art

Second place went to Hazel Clark’s Tao and Chai. They look so contented together, exactly as all Rescues should be

Third place went to Elaien Brock’s 14 year old Merlin. I adored Merlin's serene expression and stunning colouring

All of the others caught my eye - each picture had a story to tell.14 year old Sherpa has such a gentle expression Fire, a 14 year old black and white Domestic Shorthair seems very much at home and in charge Mish Mash, Baloo and Mosh look like the perfect family. It feels like the camera has caught them in the middle of a very important discussion