Photo Competition

Classes and results

Soraya's comments

I knew the judging was going to be hard - but I'd no idea it was going to be this hard; I wanted to give them all a first prize! My first class was HUMUNGOUS and for Most Gorgeous Siamese!

Such a fantastic array of colours and types and all very obviously well loved. There also some extremely talented photographers out there, which made the job even harder. As it was such a large class, I've got a few highly commended or 'attracted the judges attention' as well. Hope that was okay?

So.....for class one my first prize goes to Michelle Storer’s Martha a four year old blue Tabby. I loved everything about this photo - her expression, her colour and stunning eyes. She was a very feminine girlie and I loved her box!

2nd place goes to Hannah Thompson’s Django who is a 5yr old seal point. I just love his expression - the camera obviously holds no fears for him (and I love his big boy nose too)

3rd place went to Clare Whitby’s Maisie who is looking fantastic at 17 years old, a real credit to her owner and very self possessed

I also really like: Tao a 5 month old Red point. I adored this picture of Tao in the fridge with them in mid flow of their explanation for being there. I think all fridges henceforth should come with their own Tao!.Breezer, an 18.5 yrs old Seal Tabby who seems extremely comfortable and certainly doesn't look their age Vienna, a 2 year old Sealpoint who is talking away to the camera. To me, talking is such a Siamese characteristic, how could I not mention Vienna  Jazz, a 1year old red point - such a beautiful colour, set off very well by the shawl they're sitting on  Murray, a 10 year old blue point seated very comfortably on the bed - another favourite Siamese spot. I loved his confident expression  Fabby, a 4 year old Seal Tabby. I really liked this pose and Fabby's expression. His colouring and beautiful face are just to die for.